‘This is to state that Raymond Abeyta has been working for the Good Samaritan Society White Acres in El Paso since 2000. He has been teaching basic sit down exercise classes and Tai Chi / Qi Gong classes to our residents as well as different styles of Tai Chi forms.

He has given several workshops for breathing, relaxing, healing and energy work.

All of our residents, many of them in their 90ties love him and appreciate him very much. He has done a world of good for them. We can highly recommend all his services from simple exercise classes to Nursing Home residents up to quite demanding classes to teach seniors Tai Chi. He is very patient and always aware of the physical restrictions of our older population. ‘

Verena Williamson, Activities Director

‘I have known Sifu Ray Abeyta for the past 7 years and admire and respect his teaching talents, wicked fighting skills (tempered with the elegance of Tai Chi Chuan) and his tumble weed sense of humor.  We would be going through the form and out of nowhere a witty comment from him will ‘tumble’ through the class making everyone’s tai chi better for a brief moment when we all relax from laughing.

Ray is one of those rare individuals whom contributes more to life than he takes for himself.

He has the Spirit of a warrior and the mind of a Cowboy’s fan. 

His classes have helped me in a myriad of ways and I am proud to call him Sifu and my friend.’

Mike Sovelius, Former US Army Capt. – M.I.; Iraqi War Veteran and…………A Seahawks Fan

‘I have have had the pleasure and profit of working on and learning Tai Chi arts with Sifu Ray Abeyta since 2003. He is very  skilled over the range of the Tai Chi arts and has the talent of connecting with other major world Tai Chi teachers at the highest level, learning from them himself and making their teachings available to his students. His manner is friendly and natural, putting on no airs, creating a serious but enjoyable atmosphere in his classes and workshops. But the most striking thing about Ray is that he is a born teacher, perhaps the most generous teacher I have known. He loves to share what he knows and it just overflows out of him. Some of that comes from his deep love of Tai Chi and some from his being a generous person who gives from his heart. It has been a joy to play in the waters of Tai Chi with Ray.’

Dana Densmore, Co-Director and Chief editor Green Lion Press

I highly recommend Ray’s classes for anyone in the legal profession and law enforcement. Ray is an excellent instructor, and his classes are just plain fun to attend. I recommend Ray as an instructor in taichi and qigong without reservation..”

Jaime Esparza, District Attorney, El Paso

This letter of recommendation goes out to those who are interested in utilizing the services of Sifu Raymond L. Abeyta, T’ai Chi Instructor for the University of Texas at El Paso; Ray and his assistant, Ms. Anne Mountin, conducted 3 separate workshops for U.T.E.P.’s offensive linemen, tight ends and some of the defensive line prior to our 2000 football season. I believe that we picked up many valuable pointers concerning body alignments, use of true power & improved mental focus which aided in our winning the Western Athletic Conference in 2000 as well as sending our team to it’s 1st ever ‘Bowl’ appearance. I recommend that all Coaches who want to improve the performance of their athletes, regardless of Sport, take advantage of this Man’s knowledge and experience..

Sean Kugler, Head Offensive Line Coach, University of Texas, El Paso

‘From 2 to 5 November 2005 I attended the 3rd Annual Symposium on Natural Health in El Paso.  My primary reason for attending was that one of the lecturers at the conference was Tai Chi Teacher Raymond Lee Abeyta […..] Sifu Abeyta is a very interesting instructor who makes his class both informative and enjoyable.’

By William D. Snyder, excerpt from Outside School Report